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Vanessa Diep

Vanessa’s curiosity for the lower limb was sparked in her early teens, when she attended her first podiatry appointment for treatment of her own foot pain. After graduating high school she pursued her passion by studying podiatry at La Trobe University. During her studies she worked at The Athlete's Foot and Ecco, where she was able to use her theoretical knowledge in a practical sense, solving the clients foot issues, and developing her knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of footwear.

After graduating in Melbourne, Vanessa relocated to the Gold Coast to begin her Podiatry career. Her first job was working within a major podiatry group with centres spread across South East Queensland, and her duties also included the occasional home visit. The time spent within such a large organisation would prove to be a very valuable learning experience in her podiatry education, as she was able to work alongside many renowned health professionals, on a huge range of patients suffering from a variety of foot conditions.

As Vanessa's confidence and skills grew, she applied and successfully joined a clinic which specialised in the prescription and production of custom made orthotics, where she was able to fine tune her skills in this specialised field, before moving to another clinic which dealt with high risk patients. This latest move gave her the opportunity to learn complex conditions common to high risk patients, and treat them accordingly.

During those formative years of practice, Vanessa gained invaluable clinical experience that would facilitate the provision of holistic patient-centred care. An approach often missing within the allied health discipline of podiatry. With this in mind, and after many months of deliberation, Vanessa has decided to start her own practice specialising in individuals who seek or live an active lifestyle. Her aim is to enable and improve her clients quality of life and wellbeing by achieving optimal foot health.

If you suffer from foot pain or discomfort and are required to stand, kneel or walk for long periods whilst at work. Or you pride yourself in being a weekend warrior, or even an athlete at any level and any age group, I can assure you, that you would certainly benefit from a visit to the Active Foot Hub clinic, and one of Vanessa's professional treatments.

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